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Europe, the US, and the UK are facing a critical need for skilled financial talent to address an escalating skills shortage. In the finance sector alone, recent data reveals a widening gap, emphasizing the urgent demand for qualified professionals to navigate the complexities of today’s dynamic economic landscape.

Our Talent

Leveraging Chartered Accountants from South Africa is a strategic solution to the pressing need for skilled financial talent. The SAICA designation, internationally recognized for its rigorous standards, equips professionals to bridge the skills gap effectively, ensuring adept financial expertise and global adaptability.

Who We Are

Aphiwe is a dedicated team of financial and administrative experts with a passion for helping businesses thrive. Established in 2020, we have built a reputation for excellence in accounting, administration, and financial outsourcing services. Our mission is to simplify your business operations, streamline your financial processes, and provide expert support when you need it most.

In Partnership.


Our Services.

Corporate Offering

Shared Services Support

Aphiwe recognizes that many businesses face challenges in this area, whether due to a lack of skilled staff or capacity gaps. We offer cost- effective operational support staff, bridging the gap between affordability and specialized expertise.

Outsourced Business Unit

Aphiwe partners with scale-ups and large organizations to establish a center of excellence enabling you to tap into specialized expertise, ensuring compliance and risk mitigation while optimizing financial processes. Allowing you to scale efficiently, with flexible and scalable services tailored to their evolving needs. Through our outsourced function service, we can independently manage and run specific functions, relieving your team of the workload and ensuring it’s entrusted to capable finance experts.

Specialist Finance Talent

Aphiwe evaluates your financial requirements and recommends a specialized finance professional tailored to meet your business needs. Our team comprises qualified professionals with internationally recognized designations, ensuring your business needs are handled by capable experts.


Package Offering

Aphiwe knows that starting a business has its own set of challenges. Partner with us to get your first finance hire. We also develop scalable and automated finance functions for your business.

First finance hire-CPA
Operational Finance Optimization-Automation
Outsourced Finance function


Package Offering

Whether you are a scale-up experiencing high growth spurt and your team can’t keep up with the increase in the number of transactions that they need to process. Partner up with us to get finance and interim support. Shared services solutions so your team on mundane operational tasks leaving it in the hands of financial experts.

Center of excellence Unit
Specialist finance staff
Shared Services Support

Large Firm

Package Offering

We partner up and allow you to focus internal resources on core innovation and market expansion. We can develop and house a tailored excellence and shared services center that’s housed in our head offices. Our staff operate within your business hours ensuring seamless integration with the operations & finance team.

Center of excellence Unit
Specialist finance staff
Shared Services Support


Package Offering

Whether you are a Venture capital fund or in Private Equity and your Investee firms need an establishment of a finance function. Partner with us to develop a scalable and automated finance function, or use one of our skilled chartered accountants to provide support to their operations and finance team.

First finance hire-CPA
Operational Finance Optimization-Automation
Shared Services Support

Audit Offering.

Audit Seniors

Aphiwe provides skilled Chartered Accountants that come into your company as an audit senior. We provide consultants on a project basis that comes in on a needs basis allowing you to get a skilled staff on demand for a set period, without the long-term commitment.

Audit Support

Aphiwe specializes in delivering support staffing solutions to audit firms, catering to those who may not necessarily require a consultant but opt to outsource mundane tasks, specifically those involving ticking and bashing. This strategic approach allows your team to concentrate on the more intricate and complex facets of the audit.

What you get with our consultants!

Big-4 audit experience

>(Minimum of) 3 years audit experience

Have worked on multiple virtual audit engagements,

Strong Technical background in IFRS, US GAAP, SOX

Experience in auditing software tools like Aura; Engagement; Caseware & Workiva

In incharge level and train more junior staff

Limited training is needed


We do what we do best, you focus on driving Innovation and growth!

Aphiwe has a dedicated team of offshore skilled finance consultants that support your team on a full-time basis. So that you get skilled staff on demand!


You get a finance contractor for your project or full time, we bill your team, you take away the stress of getting someone full-time for  a cyclical project or tasks that don’t require full-time staff. We have Project Managers that are qualified CPA’s/CA’s that Monitor the quality of work from our staff. For Shared services support we have a team of skilled finance staff that have both technical and work experience ensuring the quality of output aligns with relevant accounting standards to ensure greater accuracy!

Your dedicated offshore team includes:

Legal employment of staff


Cyber-security policy



Qualified CA(SA)

Training and onboarding

Secure access to data (VPN)

Full work-from-home set-up

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